How is converting to Christianity different from other religions?

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"How is converting to Christianity different from other religions?" Is a serious question a new convert might be asking themselves right now. To put it simply, Christian conversion requires more than a change in beliefs it requires a complete lifestyle change. Unlike other religious conversions, which are mainly about rituals and belief, Christian conversion is more involved. While there are the common religious activities which include church services, and depending on the denomination, baptism. There is a lot more to Christian Conversion.

To answer the question, Christian conversion is more of a change regarding ones attitude at the world at large. When one converts to the Christian faith, they begin to learn this world, according to the Christian faith, is a world riled full of sinful nature and only Christ alone can redeem it. According to Christian teachings, there are not enough works or actions in the world that can save a soul from Hell. Christian conversion stresses that Christ alone can save.

Secondly, whereas other religions teach that humanity is far from the auspices of a higher power, Christian conversion stresses that God is far close because of the intimate relationship one has with Christ. No matter where one goes, they are not far from God's love and God's protection. If possible, the Christian convert is also not far from Christ's correction should the faithful convert stray from the faith. In other words, regardless of where someone goes, Christ is with them both in good moments and in bad moments.

Lastly, conversion to the Christian faith requires a complete turn around in the convert's life. To become separate from "The World and the desires of "The Flesh" to focus more on the needs of "Spirit". After one converts to the teachings of Christ, it becomes apparent this world is not the home of the converted. It simply means the Christian convert strives to look forward the world to come after Christ's return. Until then, the new Christian convert desires to do his or her work for the Lord. This differs from other religions because other faiths teach that a person is born into this world and must endure unfair trials to gain the favor of their god or gods. The Christian faith on the other hand does not engage in this and converts are liberated from the need to gain the favor of a god when Christ has prepared a place for the faithful after death. Therefore, eliminating the need of having to reincarnate or to preform excessive works.

In closing, while religious conversion is a stressful process, Christian conversion is unlike any other as it requires a complete change in ones thoughts and feelings. Again to summarize, "How is converting to Christianity different from other religions?" Unlike other faiths which are just a change in beliefs, Christian conversion is more of a change in lifestyle. While there are some rituals to follow regarding Christian conversion, there is more to it than a change in faith. It is a change in lifestyle.

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